Resin Color Developer, Microcapsule, Maleic Andydride SMA,

Crystal Violet Lactone(CVL), Liquid Aromatic Hydrocarbons SAS,Spacer,Dispersant,Clay

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What's your professional products?

------We mainly do NCR coating chemicals,especially Microcapules and color developer,

also others like SMA,liquid aromatic hydrocarbon Solvent oil,Melamine Formaldehyde MF-304 and ect.

What kind Microcapsules do u have?

------For microcapsules,we have 40% solid content and 50% solid content,usually export 50% is popular.We export with best oil--Diaryl Ethane.

Domestic market we also sell some microcapsules with some percent vegetable oil,because it have more lower price.

In order to open different class demand,in near future we will sell microcapsule with some vegetable oil to foreign country.

Why your office address different with your factory address?

-----Our factory is in a jiaozuo county,it hard to recruit foreign person,so we choose a city office to do foreign business,hebi city has good policy for foreign company,

so we set up a new company in hebi city henan province.

What about the delievery time?

------Usually for one container need about 7days .If suppling nervous maybe less 15days.

What payment term will u do?

------We can do T/T,L/C,or if you have any idea,kindly we can communication further.